Q&A: Meet Our ERP System Specialist

ERP System Specialist

Cindy is a controller at Kessler Consulting who specializes in ERP system selection and implementation. Throughout her 30-year career as a licensed CPA, Cindy has thrived on digging through complex problems and coming up with efficient solutions.

Q: What do you like about accounting and working as a controller for Kessler Consulting?

 A: I’ve always liked math, and knew since high school that accounting was the career for me. My favorite part of working as a controller with the Kessler Consulting team is the opportunity to get to know the people, products, and processes behind a variety of businesses. Providing more useful data and better analytical tools to these companies is rewarding work.

Q: What types of businesses/customers do you enjoy working with the most?

 A: I really enjoy working with manufacturers. Learning about all the different manufacturing processes makes my work especially interesting.

Q: How do you select an ERP system?

 A: The goal is always to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization by learning how it functions. We start with a core team of individuals chosen from the client’s leadership pool. This team is familiar with both the client’s operations and the end line reporting needs and desires. As a controller, I learn about the business’s primary needs from this group. This collaborative method allows me to seek out ERP systems that accommodate this core group and their processes.

Q: How do you implement an ERP system?

 A: ERP system implementation also requires a core team of specialists in different departments to work on setup and configuration. As a member of this implementation team, I serve as the accounting lead. Prior to full implementation, we run through tests of various transactions and scenarios to ensure that the entire process is operating smoothly. We want to know that the ERP system will function fully from beginning to end. Once the kinks are worked out, and I’ve trained each department on the new system, we roll out the final product. It tends to be a hectic time, but I enjoy the challenge. Knowing that the final results will create a faster, more accurate system from the customer motivates me to push on through.

Q: What do you like the most about ERP selection and implementation?

A: I enjoy digging deep into a company’s systems and coming up with simpler, more effective, or efficient processes for day-to-day operations. When we streamline routine tasks, the entire leadership team has more time to spend on improving and growing their business. It’s really exciting to give management the tools to make smart business decisions and become more profitable. Over time, we prove that the accounting department isn’t just necessary overhead; we’re an asset and a core component of healthy, sustainable business operations.

Q: Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of work?

A: Of course! My three lovely children are always my first hobby. As a family, we enjoy camping, going up north, and recharging from everyday life.

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