Are You Poised for Growth in 2018?

The dawn of the new year has arrived! The holidays are behind us and as we settle in for the long winter, the time is ideal for reflection. We can reflect on the past year, our successes, and the opposite…the events and initiatives that failed to meet our expectations. The time is also ideal to look ahead to the opportunities of which we are aware, the opportunities we hope to create, and the potential threats – and how to face them. Now is the ideal time to plan to achieve success as it is personally defined and which keeps you and your team coming into work everyday.

Running a successful business means juggling multiple priorities, employing diverse skills, and attaining the cooperation of diverse people – employees, customers, suppliers, and lenders. The only thing which is certain is that we all face uncertainty. The secret to success is to anticipate that which we can anticipate and plan accordingly. Our businesses need to be in a position to weather storms both large and small, and to be nimble enough to grab opportunities as they come. This is how large, successful companies achieved their success and got to be the profitable businesses they are today. Small businesses can also become large and successful in the same way.

The opportunities and threats that businesses create and face are as diverse and unique as January snowflakes, but just as all snowflakes are cold, all business issues have similarities. Significant opportunities and threats require a thoughtful approach to maximize the return and/or minimize the hit. Small businesses operators are the same as the CEO’s of large multinational companies in that small business people need talented and experienced financial partners to help navigate the often crowded and hazardous highways of the marketplace.

A talented and experienced CFO can help you to harvest the fruit of opportunities and mitigate threats. Together, you and your CFO-partner can define objectives and implementation plans. Together, you and your CFO-partner can manage cash to avoid unpleasant surprises (which should never be a surprise). Together, you and your CFO-partner can assemble an achievable budget to a degree of specificity which will allow you to know early-on if your annual financial objectives are endangered.

Despite the similarities in the types of issues that large and small companies face, bigger companies have the scale to support larger financial staffs. Having additional financial staff on your team can give you a more diverse range of talent whereas small businesses do not have the same luxury. For many small business operators who desire success in managing the myriad of challenges, the solution is a part-time CFO from Kessler Consulting.

Kessler CFO’s are experienced and determined to save you money, time, and energy so you can focus on other aspects of your business. With a brand new year ahead of us, plan for the uncertainties and unpredictabilities that lie ahead. Contact us to get in touch with one of our CFO’s today.